The Malawi Bureau of Standards (MBS) women attended a four day seminar in Mulanje where they were drilled on gender mainstreaming by the Pan African Learning and Growth Network.

The group consisted of women from a newly established subcommittee on Women Empowerment at the MBS, with a representation from all levels of the organisation. One of the participants commented that she can now confidently advocate for gender because she now knows what gender means, citing that there are misconceptions on issues surrounding what gender is.

This is one of the steps towards achieving the 50-50 campaign that the Malawi Government is advocating for. Apart from the Constitution of Malawi that advocate for no discrimination based on sex and other grounds, Malawi is also a signatory to a number of international organizations on issues relating to gender.

Apart from gender mainstreaming which looks at how to integrate gender sensitive and transformative initiatives within the core programs and policies of an institution, women were also trained on issues surrounding gender based violence and sexual harassment in the workplace.

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