During audits, auditors;

  1. Examine and verify the structure, policies, processes, procedures, records and related documents of the client relevant to the management system;
  2. Determine that everything in (a) above meet all the requirements relevant to the intended scope of certification;
  3. Determine that processes and procedures are established, implemented and maintained effectively;
  4. Communicate to the Client, for his action, any inconsistencies between the client’s policy, objectives and targets (in accordance with the expectations in the relevant management system standard or other reference documents) and results.
  5. Identify opportunities for improvement, where appropriate, but not recommending specific solutions.

The Client is required to comply with all the provisions as stipulated in the contract document in order not to deter the progress of the certification process.

After the audit, the Client is required to analyse the cause and describe specific correction and corrective actions undertaken or planned to be undertaken, to eliminate detected nonconformities within a defined and agreed timeframe.

The MBS then reviews the corrections and corrective actions by the Client to determine their acceptability.