• Inquiry

Prospective Client or representative makes an inquiry to MBS MSCD through email:mbs@mbsmw.org, postal address: Post Office Box 946 Blantyre, phone: +265 891 376 444 /445 /446 /447 or visit our office along Ali Hassan Mwinyi Road in Blantyre.


MBS MSCD responds to the inquiry and if the prospective client or representative is interested, MBS MSCD provides management systems application form.


  • Application Process
  • Prospective Client or representative makes management systems application by filling Management Systems Certification Application Form and submitting it to MBS MSCD using any of the above details.
  • Upon receipt of the application, MBS MSCD communicates to client acknowledging receipt.
  • MBS MSCD reviews the application for completeness and verification whether the MBS can provide certification in the requested scope.
  • After review, the MBS MSCD communicates to client acceptance or rejection of the application.


  • Pre-audit Processes
  • MBS MSCD prepare and issue client certification quotation.
  • Client accepts the quotation.
  • MBS MSCD and client sign certification agreement
  • MBS MSCD issue certification invoice.
  • Client pay for the certification invoice.
  • MBS MSCD prepare certification program.


  • Initial Certification Processes


Initial certification follows a two-stage process (stage 1 and stage 2).


Stage 1 audit is done to:

  • Confirm information on the application
  • Review the client’s management system documented information.
  • Evaluate the client’s site-specific conditions and to determine the preparedness for stage 2.
  • Review the client’s status and understanding regarding requirements of the standard especially the key performance or significant areas.
  • Obtain necessary information regarding the scope of management system.
  • Review the allocation of resources for stage 2 and agree the details of stage 2 with the client
  • Provide focus for the stage 2 audit and agree with the client on the details for the stage two audit.
  • Evaluate if the client’s internal audit and management reviews are being planned and performed.

Part of the stage 1 audit is conducted at the client’s premises.  During stage one audit no nonconformities are raised but areas of concern that could be classified as nonconformities during stage 2 are identified.

MBS MSCD and the client will agree on date(s) for stage 2 audit but it should not be more than 6 months from the date of stage 1 audit. If 6 months elapse after stage 1 audit and the client is not ready for stage 2, then stage 1 audit shall be repeated but at the extra cost to the client.


Stage 2 Audit


Stage 2 audit takes place at the client’s site. The audit is  performed to evaluate the implementation of the client’s management system and its effectiveness.


Stage 2 audit includes the following, at minimum;

  1. Information and evidence about conformity to all requirements of the applicable management system standard or other normative document.
  2. Performance monitoring, measuring, reporting and reviewing against key performance objectives and targets.
  3. The client’s management system and performance in complying with statutory, regulatory and contractual compliance.
  4. Operational control of the client’s processes.
  5. Internal auditing and management review processes.
  6. Management responsibility for the client’s policies.

During stage 2 audit, if non-conformities are found they are recorded and graded as either major or minor.

The client submits corrections and corrective actions Corrective action plans to MBS MSCD for all the nonconformities raised for review.

Nonconformities shall be cleared with 90 days from the date raised. If nonconformities are not cleared after 90 days then stage 2 audit may be repeated at extra cost to the client.

Upon clearance of nonconformities, the Team Leader/Auditor may recommend certification to Certification Committee.


  • Certification Decision


Certification Committee, based on recommendation from the Team Leader/Auditor, shall make certification decision. The decision shall be to grant certification or not, extend, suspend, withdraw or reduce certification scope.  Team Leader/Auditor shall not be member of the Certification Committee making decision on the certification process where the Team Leader/Auditor were involved.