The Exports Quality Certification Scheme (EQCS) was established in 1990 with the following objectives:

  • To establish base facilities and infrastructure of a National Agricultural Export Quality system;
  • To ensure that agricultural exports meet minimum quality requirements for Malawi and importing countries;
  • To improve and raise the quality level of agricultural exports;
  • To assure exporters that their agricultural exports comply with Malawi Standards and foreign standards requirements.

Through the EQCS, products meant for export are inspected and tested for compliance with the buyers’ specifications.  An export certificate is issued for a complying consignment.  Agricultural products certified include tobacco, tea, cowpeas, chillies, macadamia nuts, chickpeas, soya beans, sunflower seed and kernels, guar meal, toordhall, hides and skins, peri-peri sauce, cashew nuts and rice.