The Malawi Bureau of Standards (MBS) established Management Systems Certification Scheme in 2010 after observing a growing demand for management systems certification by the local industry. It was observed that the local industry was looking for certification of their management systems from certification bodies from the region.

It is from the foregoing that the MBS decided to establish a local certification scheme. There has since been a steady growth of the MBS Certification Scheme in terms of competence since its establishment. At this point in time, the MBS would like to go for accreditation of its certification scheme hence it is inviting local organizations to patronize the scheme for certification of their management systems against ISO 9001 and ISO 22000 requirements and as partners for the MBS towards its accreditation endeavour.

Advantages of local certification

There are many advantages of using the MBS management systems certification and these include:

  1. Enhancement of the national conformity assessment infrastructure for production processes and products in Malawi in line with prevailing international standards as a result of the accreditation of the MBS. This can only be achieved if the MBS has the optimal number of clients for accreditation assessment as required by accreditation bodies;
  2. Provision of readily available and accessible quality management systems certification services that are comparable to services offered by other bodies in the region and the international arena at large. By implication, therefore, the local certification service will always be affordable considering that foreign certification bodies have to be paid and serviced in foreign currency;
  3. Improvement of the national economy through forex servings that would have otherwise been paid to foreign certification bodies and creation of employment through the certification services and consultancy services related to development of management systems

Management Systems on Certification Scheme

The MBS is currently running certification of ISO 9001: Quality Management System and will soon add certification of Food Safety Management System according to the international standard ISO 22000. We are determined to add on other management systems certification based on demand.

For more information contact the undersigned:

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Director, Quality Assurance Services Department
Malawi Bureau of Standards
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