The Malawi Bureau of Standards (MBS) scales up its efforts to capacitate more stakeholders at grassroot level in enhencing Standardization Quality Assurance and Metrology services (SQAM) in the country. The MBS dates the district trade officers under the Ministry of Trade and Industry and the Police Officers.

The MBS has taken a more collerborative, inclusive and multi-sectral approach in building SQAM coscious culture in Malawi. The MBS has embarked on a new approach for improved service delivery. Speaking at the function, the Director General of the MBS, Dr Benard Thole made an observation that the institution realised that district trade officers and Police officers by nature of their daily actitvities they are stratigically placed to enhence improved service delivery on Standardization, Metrology Quality Assurance services (SQAM) as they are in direct contact with the grassroot consumers across the country. The Director General however noted that most of the officers lacked knowledge on manadate and relevant regulations that guard the operations of the MBS. Dr Thole then justifies that the MBS after observed this gap, the institution planned for the information dissermination engagement workshop targeting selected seniors policeofficers and all district trade officers in the country as one way of capacitating them and empowering them with the right information. Dr Thole further said, the MBS believes that improving their knoiwledge on MBS mandate and related SQAM activities, it would help to build common understanding and colloboratebetween the officers and the MBS. He further added that the MBS plans to utilised all relavant available grassroot structures and stakeholders to enhence MBS operations. The trade officers are in all districts and police officers are across the country, so collaborating with them would help to ensure that where MBS is not physically present, these officers would be of meaningful service in the activities of the MBS.

Dr Thole further highlighted that where the MBS has meaningful engagement with police and district trade officers by giving them the right SQAM information, the two stakeholders can be catalysts to turnaround the trend of misinformation on the ground about the mandate and role of MBS in protection of consumers and trade facilitation.

MBS officials captured in a group photo with police and district trade officers of southern region

Speaking at the event in Blantyre, district trade officer for Mwanza Mr Marvin Mkhondiwa appreciated the MBS for the initiative to bring all the district trade officers and police to a roundtable engagement as this will strengthen their working relationship. He further made observation that a good collaboration and work relationship among the three entities will significantly change the perception of most consumers and business operators in the country regardingthe MBS activities because the engagement has enhenced their  knowledge of the MBS. He then appealed to all officers taking part in the training to take the message and utilised the expertise gained in a more informed way. Mwanza district was recognised as one of the most complying district on metrology issues especially on the use of  scales recommendated for trade.  The MBS has reached out to a total of 65 police and district trade officers aaccross the country.

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