The Malawi Bureau of Standards (MBS) participated in the two-day Malawi Mining Investment Forum (MMIF) to demonstrate the technical testing capacity that the institution has to support the growth and development of the Mining sector in the country.

MBS official briefing the Minister of Transport and Public works Hon Jecob Hara when he patronized MBS stand

The MBS delegation was led by Deputy Director General Mr Thom Senganimalunje who expressed MBS commitment to support the mining sector through addressing a wide range of testing bottlenecks and address testing services needs in the mining industry. He encouraged the players in the mining sector to patronize the MBS testing services because the institution has the capacity and competency to best support them. Mr Senganimalunje observed that it is cost effective to have mineral samples tested locally as it is both cheaper and faster to do so.

The MBS is strategic partner in promoting and developing the mining industry, as it has advanced equipment such as Inductive Coupled Plasma Mass Spectrometry (ICP-MS), Atomic Absorption Spectrometry, and Energy Dispersed XRF to best support the industry by offering services such as identification of the mineral rocks and conducting elementary purity assessment of the mineral rock samples among others. The MBS has also Alpha Spectrometry, Gamma Spectrometry System, Liquid Scintillation Counter (LSC), Alpha-Beta Counter, and Geiger-Muller Counter (GM) among other facilities to provide a wide range of testing for occupation health and safety to the workers in the mining sector as well as environmental assessment in regards to radiation monitoring.

Inductive Coupled Plasma Mass Spectrometry (ICP-MS) equipment that forms part of the MBS laboratory powerhouse

The Minister of Mining, Hon Monica Chang’anamuno and delegation patronized the MBS pavilion. She was excited to see the capacity and unique services that the MBS is offering in mining industry. The MMIF was held under the theme; Transforming the Nation through Sustainable Mineral Extraction, by enhancing institutional cooperation and inclusivity. The forum attracted both local and international stakeholders in the mining industry to discuss and draw roadmap ranging from shared investment opportunities, challenges and solutions.

A delegate patronized the MBS pavilion to appreciate it’s testing capacity

The MMIF is part of the ongoing ATM drive where the government has identified three key economic sectors of Agriculture, Tourism and Mining as the strategic areas for economic transformation of the country. The first ever mining forum was held at Bingu International Conference Centre from 23-24 April, 2024 and His Excellency the State President of the Republic of Malawi Dr Lazarus McCarthy Chakwera officially opened the event.

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