The MBS Subcommittee on HIV and AIDS at the workplace conducted a training for MBS Management on management of HIV and AIDS at the workplace that included an overview of the HIV and AIDS prevention and Management Act of 2017. The training took place in Mangochi from 17 – 18 June 2021. The training was facilitated by the Malawi Business Coalition Against HIV and AIDS (MBCA). The training targeted MBS Management, as the Steering Committee of the HIV and AIDS at the institution.

Speaking when he opened the training, MBS Director General, Mr Symon O Mandala, said that HIV and AIDS can affect the MBS, just like any other institution, with prolonged illnesses of staff, absenteeism, staff productivity or even death. He stated that one of the most effective way of reducing the impact of the HIV and AIDS at the workplace is through the implementation of an HIV and AIDS workplace policy and programmes. He further said in order to address the impacts of HIV and AIDS at the MBS, Management facilitated the development of a policy on HIV and AIDS at the workplace to act as a guide to Management, the workplace Subcommittee and all staff, and that the policy has been an instrumental in the response to HIV and AIDS issues.

Speaking earlier, the Chairman of the MBS HIV and AIDS Subcommittee, Mr Chitani Kella, thanked MBS Management for provision of resources for the training, and for Management to avail itself for the training. The Executive Director of MBCA, Ms Treza Mphwatiwa, who was also the facilitator of the training, said she was pleased with MBS Management for allowing this training to take place, and that a well-trained Management is required in order to give strategic direction on workplace programmes on HIV and AIDS, non-communicable diseases, including other emerging diseases like Covid-19.

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