The Malawi Bureau of Standards (MBS) wishes to inform manufactures, consumers, academics, stakeholders and the public that the following new Malawi standards have been published and can be used by stakeholders. The standards can be obtained at a fee from the MBS offices.


S/N MS Number Title of Malawi Standard
MS 29-5:2022 Cement
Part 5: Portland – Composite cement
CEM ll/C – M and Composite cement CEM VI
(First edition)
MS 62:2023 Domestic solar water heating systems with storage – Specification (Second edition)
MS 63:2019 Vegetable ghee – Specification (Second edition)
MS 188:2022 Edible salt – Specification (Third edition)
MS 205:2022 Icing sugar – Specification (Second edition)
MS 228:2022 Raw macadamia Kernels – Specification (Third edition)
MS 234:2018 Bun – Specification (Second edition)
MS 244:2022 Soybeans – Specification (Third edition)
MS 366:2022 Honey – Specification (Second edition)
MS 513:2022 Soybean products – Determination of urease activity

(First edition)

MS 559:2022 Soy protein products – Specification (Second edition)
MS 633:2022 Milk powders and cream powder – Specification

(Second edition)

MS 1108:2016 Steel products –  Vocabulary (First edition)
MS 1437:2020 Sports drinks – Specification (First edition)
MS 1495:2022 Fruit puree – Specification (First edition)
MS 1646:2021 Blankets – Specification (First edition)
MS 1686 – 3: 2021 Tests for mechanical and physical properties of aggregates Part 3: Determination of loose bulk density and voids.( First edition)
MS 1686 – 4:2021 Tests for mechanical and physical properties of aggregates Part 4 Determination of the voids of dry compacted filler (First edition)
MS 1686 – 11: 2021 Tests for mechanical and physical properties of aggregates Part 11 Determination of compressibility and confined compressive strength of lightweight aggregates (First edition)
MS 1756:2022 Oilseeds – Determination of moisture and volatile matter (First edition)
MS 1770:2022 Nicotine – containing ,tobacco – free oral products – Specification
MS 1780:2022 Oilseeds – Determination of oil content

(Reference method) (First edition)

MS 1786:2022 Milled cereal products – Determination of fat acidity

(First edition)


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