For transfer of certification from another certification body the process is as follows;

  1. Inquiry – where the prospective client inquire about management systems certification and MBS MSCD handles the inquiry and provides the necessary information and documentation.
  2. Application – the applicant completes Application for Transfer of Certification Form and submits to MBS MSCD.
  3. Assessment – MBS MSCD reviews the application and conduct pre-transfer review, which may include key system documents, the valid certificate from previous certification body. The review may include sight visit or special audit, if deemed necessary.
  4. Decision – recommendation of the pre-transfer review shall then be sent to Certification Committee for decision regarding the transfer.


As a general rule, only a valid certificate issued by accredited certification body can be transferred. If this pre-requisite is not fulfilled, the individual case shall be judged on its merit.


Upon successful transfer of certification from another certification body to MBS, the certification program by the previous certification body shall apply. In some cases the program may be adjusted for the smooth running of the certification cycles.