MBS has a procedure for use of Management Systems Certification mark that it authorizes certified clients to use.

The Management System Certification Mark of the MBS shall only be used:

  • With the name of the certified company;
  • With the certificate registration number;
  • With reference to certification standard;
  • Within the validity period of the certificate;
  • Within the certified scope/area;
  • By the certified company (the legal first owner);
  • Without any changes;
  • In colours as specified by MBS and with the possibility to alter the size but maintaining the dimensional ratios of the mark;
  • On documents, surfaces or advertising media;
  • On general company documents with a clear description of the certificate coverage/scope;
  • Not on products, nor on “primary packaging”. However, the mark may be used on product packaging provided that the following text is included in a manner that makes it obvious that the text and certification mark are linked: “Manufactured under a management system certified as complying with MS-ISO 9001/MS-ISO 22000 by an accredited certification body”.
  • Not on laboratory test reports, calibration or inspection reports because such reports are deemed to be products in this context.